What is Campus - the Future of Poland?

Campus – the Future of Poland is a unique event dedicated to young people actively participating in social and political life in Poland. It offers the opportunity to gain valuable and useful knowledge during meetings with experts. Moreover, it creates a safe space for open discussions and exchange of experiences among the participants. The Campus will allow you to spread your wings and put your ideas into action. You will be able to shape the reality around you even more effectively thanks to the skills you will acquire.

Would you like to have an impact on the future of your country? There are more people like you! Let’s meet in Olsztyn to discuss the opportunities and threats that Poland is facing in a friendly, casual and open atmosphere. Let’s exchange our insights about the economy, think about how to take care of the environment, discuss how to restore Poland to the path of democracy and the rule of law, and how to effectively help our friends in Ukraine. You will meet people who want to be active and who are determined to make a difference: activists and community workers, experts and local government officials, publicists and artists.

You do not have to be a young politician, a member of a party, youth group or NGO. We invite everyone who cares about the future of Poland, regardless of their origin, views or experience.

Team Campus Polska

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