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Przyszłości 2022

Campus Polska Przyszłość is more than 200 content-related, cultural, sports and entertainment events. These are lectures, panels, debates and workshops, but also theater performances, concerts and sports events. We will discuss the most important ideas and problems of the present reality. Campus responds to the needs of young people on whom our future will depend. From all the ideas and issues, we decided to select the most important ones for the new generation - we closed them in specific areas and grouped them into coherent thematic axes.

The detailed program of each axis will be published in June 2022 r.

Poland -
Europe - World

World events pose many questions about the future. The role of states, including Poland, will be redefined, our place in the international arena, the importance of the European Union and world institutions. This dynamic reality requires preparation and substantive education that will provide the tools to face the challenges.


What kind of world do we want in the future and what world can the new, young generation create? Together, we will look for values that will be important in it and learn how to achieve the set goals.

and Diversity

The rights of women, national minorities, people with disabilities or LGBT + are just examples of topics that need to be addressed so that in society every citizen and every citizen have equal and fair chances for life and development.

and Health

Climate change is an undeniable fact that young people have to deal with in order to provide themselves and future generations with the right conditions to live in. Reliable education about the necessary actions is the basis and duty of every citizen.

Human and Technology

Technological development is our great opportunity, the equipment used in every area of our life significantly improves its quality. Unfortunately, there are also dangers here, but don't worry! Thanks to us, you will be well prepared for them.


Cultural education, but also entertainment - concerts of popular and classical music, theater performances, film screenings and good literature.


Movement is good for health and great fun. Everyone will find something for themselves - running, volleyball, morning start-up, water sports and many other opportunities to relax and take care of your well-being.

Day 1st

Friday, 27 August

Square of open mind

Discussion panels


Day 2nd

Saturday, 28 August

Special Events


Day 3rd

Sunday, 29 August

Discussion panels